**UPDATE** Club T Shirt collection

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    **UPDATE**  Club T Shirt collection Empty **UPDATE** Club T Shirt collection

    Post  Irsyad on Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:40 pm

    Alright guys I know you all have been waiting for this so here it is.

    Our club T has been already been ordered and is due to arrive next week. There's been a major change in the design as they did not have enough stock for the original shirt model.
    Thus we'll no longer be using the orange/white combination. The new shirt will be white based with blue/black. The back design will remain the same.

    Please come down on your respective training days next week, (31st August) onwards to collect your shirts. Note* We've only ordered the shirts for those who have paid. For those who have not paid, we'll try and get a second batch of orders for you lot asap but in the meantime you guys will have to wait.

    The club's a little tight on budget you see....

    And finally, for those who paid me 25 dollars, my apologies but I was suppose to collect 27 dollars from you. Please pay the remaining 2 dollars when you collect your shirts from me. It was a mistake on my part, sorry for the trouble.

    Contact me if you have any questions thanks!

    Ps: If you don't like the new shirt model, hunt down Walter thanks Smile

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