Training update for term break (2/6/09)

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    Training update for term break (2/6/09) Empty Training update for term break (2/6/09)

    Post  Irsyad on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:56 am

    Weekly Trainings will be postponed till after the common tests.

    Trainings during the term break will be on the usual days,Mondays and Thursdays for beginners
    and Saturdays for intermediate players.

    Slight change in timing for Monday and Thursday groups, training starts from 4pm onwards during the term break so that you guys will have more time to play around after training. We'll resume the 5pm training time when school reopens.

    Please spread the word thanks, and for goodness sake inform the rest that we have a tennis blog!

    Final note: Those who still haven't paid the club fund, please do so asap! Coach needs to eat too!

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