Sat Training for the intermediate people

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    Sat Training for the intermediate people Empty Sat Training for the intermediate people

    Post  Walter on Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:06 pm

    As some of you might or might not know alr, there is sat training from 11-2. Since the sch team will be using friday slot and the freshies are coming. So please try not to come down o thursdays and mondays since there is not enough courts for everyone. So until the number start dropping or the sch team finish the IVP, this arrangement stays.

    Intermediate people are those who joined b4 the freshies come and some of those recommanded by coach during the freshie trainings if any.

    Also pls check if the timeslot on sat is booked for all 3 courts from 11-2. If not pls move ur cursor to tat empty dot and press and press summit.


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